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Rodizio is our restaurant’s distinguished meat specialty that takes our guests to the beautiful "pampas" - pastures that were the home of gauchos, beautiful haciendas and the place of origin of this meat delicacy on "Churrasco" - swords, in Brazil.
By recipe of skillful gauchos, our chefs today prepare different kinds of carefully chosen top quality meat, and then served in a characteristic series to our guests.

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A special touch to a unique experience of Rodizio specialty is brought at your table by our "Cortador" that cuts the kind of meat you choose directly from the saber to your plate. You can select all or only some types of meat that suit your taste, and all at the price per person which does not change regardless of how many types of meat you consume and how many times.

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With special care we create an atmosphere where every guest can enjoy in their own way. Come and relax in warm colors of solid wood, premium leather and ornamental plants, accept a smile from any of our waiters and cooks, complete your gastronomic tour with a large selection of different types of wine and finally, crown the experience with the top-flavored cigars from our assortment. We thought of all the details, you only have to come and let us welcome you as you deserve.

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Our aspiration towards providing our guests with a unique experience each and every time can become your advantage in leaving a memorable impression on your business partners. Our team is there to fulfill your every request, and we can provide you with organizing business events, lunches, meetings or festivities.